Széchenyi István University

The Széchenyi István University has defined its vision with a focus on sustainable development and modern technologies, and with its competences in these areas, it contributes to the region's competitiveness, in addition to the enrichment of global knowledge. The cooperation and collaboration that make our University successful is present in our academic, research and development and third mission activities. Our priority is to train practitioners with practical and up-to-date knowledge who can respond to current challenges, and to provide our students with a valuable degree that is in demand in the labour market. In addition to applied sciences, Széchenyi István University of Győr places a strong emphasis on basic research, so our teaching and research colleagues seek answers not only to the critical questions of today, but also of tomorrow. 

Our university has set out to serve as an exemplary model in the Hungarian higher education landscape. We have found excellent partners, true partners: the city of Győr, a vibrant industrial environment, including Audi Hungaria, celebrating its 30th anniversary, and many companies in the region that are also committed to technological development, as well as our dedicated students.

Győr's economy, its regional organisation and the impact of the University of Győr go far beyond the city's borders. Our institution's strategic goal is to become an intellectual centre for the development of the entire region, and its drone technology developments and research serve this purpose.

The venue of the 2023 Drone Racing World Cup Hungary will be located in the vicinity of the Széchenyi István University campus in Győr, on the Gold Coast II.

The Püspökerdei Holt-Duna bank is one of Győr's most beautiful recreational areas, a favourite destination for hobby and sport fishing enthusiasts, families with young children, and those who like to play sports and relax. The course, which will be built here and fenced off with a safety net in accordance with international standards, will serve as a safe venue for drone competitions. Here we welcome the participants of the competition, where you can feel the innovative atmosphere of Széchenyi István University and the magical natural environment at the same time.

Address of the event: 9026 Győr, Vásárhelyi Pál utca 26.