ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track

The venue of the competition: ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track:

The ZalaZONE Automotive Test Track, located in Zalaegerszeg, Western Hungary, on an area of 260 hectares, is a unique facility in Europe. The special tracks 

are also suitable for testing and validating self-driving, hybrid and electrically powered vehicles. ZalaZONE currently has 12 track elements, a 300-seat Conference and Events Centre and a Test Centre with offices and boxes as a base for test track users.

Testing of the interaction between autonomous vehicles and drones will also soon start at the DRONEMOTIVE drone testing and development centre to be established next to ZalaZONE.


  • Zalazone  
  • 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Michelberger Pál út 3.